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Over the last 22 years Q has worked in 6 different fitness facilities in the capacity of Operations Manager and Lead Staff Trainer as well as implementing and operating Bootcamp programs. His love of fitness and intrigue with tapping into developing the human capacity for physical development sets the tone for his positive result oriented training.

In addition to years of practical hands on experience, Q has various certifications and work shops completed in an effort to continually increase his knowledge and abilities. Some of these certification include CrossFit Level1 and 2 certifications, Mike Burgerner’s Oympic Lifting certifications, USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach, Mark Rippetoe’s Basic Barbell certification, Basic Kettlebell and Olympic Lifting workshops.

With his experience and background he can bring to you a fitness program that is effective yet safe, a fitness program bearing results uncommon in this very common hour.


Nicole Strompf

Fitness and health have always been a very important part of Nicole’s life. After giving birth to her baby Aiden nearly nine years ago her entire perspective on life changed forever. Determined to share her passion for living a healthy lifestyle and helping others encouraged her and her husband Ian to open CrossFit iQ.

Having a true passion for life and really wanting to make a difference Nicole thought there would be nothing better than to share this great endeavor with everyone that she encountered. Nicole is Level 1 and Nutrition CrossFit certified and looks forward to future certifications.