Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

To begin, I would personally like to congratulate you for taking the first step in your child’s future, helping to make him/her a faster, stronger well rounded person. By allowing your child to participate in CrossFit Kids at iQ you are allowing him/her to discover the world of health and fitness in a fun and interactive way, that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

CrossFit Kids is designed for all children ages 3-17 years old, and introduces them to the fundamental techniques and concepts of CrossFit in a way that is fun, exciting, educational and always leaves them wanting more. CrossFit Kids is also designed to help your little athletes excel in whatever sports they may be participating in. Its important to communicate what other extra curricular activities your child participates in to your coach to ensure maximum benefits of CrossFit Kids.

Depending on your child’s age and skill level he/she will be working in small groups, participating in activities that get them off the sofa and active. We also incorporate nutrition in a fun and exciting manner. Please keep in mind that your child will not be expected or asked to perform workouts similar to what is done in the adult class, however, they will be learning concepts and techniques that will later help them in CrossFit.

We do ask you that you stay present while your child participates in CrossFit Kids. This is a great opportunity for you to watch your child blossom into an active healthy athlete. On another note, please make sure that you are allowing the coaches at iQ to coach your child and your comments from the sidelines remain limited. Please contact your child’s coach with any questions or comments you may have at the end of each session, and please remember, we are here to have fun!

Kind Regards,

Coach Nicole, CrossFit Kids