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30 Day Transformation

“Give me 30 days” that’s all Nicole asked of me, I did and was committed.

Nicole and her team of coaches are amazing! They will motivate you, fill you with determination and be your biggest fan.

When your told there is nothing you can’t do it’s true. The workouts are always different, challenging and Crossfit IQ has changed the way I workout and look at exercise.

I committed to the 30 days and the results amazed me.
30 days
8 pounds
10+ inches (4 in my waist and 4 inches from my thighs)
Body fat went down 2.5%

Crossfit IQ is an outstanding gym and there is no other gym I would workout at.




IMG_8489_kathyI am a stay at home mom of two young boys ( 4 1/2 and 1 1/2). I’m always so busy with them and their schedule and never really made time for myself… I knew I wanted / needed to get into working out but had no idea where to start… I knew if I went to a gym I would have no clue what to do with myself.. I would probably walk around aimlessly and waste my time. That’s when I decided I would talk to Nicole…she kept trying to convince me to at least come try CrossFit, and I was always so against it. I never thought it would be for me, I always heard all the stereotypes and was so afraid to try… Lo and behold 7 months later and I’m hooked / obsessed / addicted!!! Monday-Friday at 5:30am you can find me running a mile before the 6am class.

My life and my body has changed in so many amazing ways! From my eating to my new found love for working out!! The best part about iQ is all the people we are surrounded by… They are so inspiring and make me push myself much harder each and everyday.. They are truly like a family.. And I’m so glad to be able to be apart of that! Also, Wayne is always there to push me out of my comfort zone… Whether it’s to lift a little heavier or push through another rep.

My goal is to continue my journey to becoming the best version of myself possible!!!! I would also love to maybe one day become a personal trainer!!

Claudia Fehribach

There is so much to say about Crossfit; but for me one sentence says at all: Crossfit changed my life!
Last year I reached my heaviest at 206Ibs… I’m only 5’3″ , so right there you can see that the picture was not pretty!
I never liked the gym; I don’t know how much money I paid to LA Fitness over the years without being able to consistently show up… and I still remember the uncomfortable atmosphere; people watching; and of course the exercises were so boring…
My cholesterol went through the roof and my doctor said that I had to start taking blood pressure medicine…
When you need a change,there is a moment when you are able to click the switch on in your mind; and I was finally able to do that…

First of all i had to change the way I ate, portions, learn about proteins and carbs etc…
Then I started walking around the lake on my home, one lap, two, three… then I started to run… the pounds started to drop… but something was missing… I tried to go to the gym, kick box, Zumba, spin classes… it was not it…

One day someone at work mentioned CrossFit, and talked about it like he was talking about a really special thing… Curious I went home and googled it… it was love at first sight!!! I had no idea how I would do any of those things, but I knew I had to try it.
I spent a month looking up all the CrossFits in my area… watching people’s transformation video and thinking: ” Can I do that?”

I remember watching the transformation video’s from CrossFit iQ’s website and being amazed by people’s testimony, but one in particular caught my attention; Yosgely and Victoria… I remember going to a few places to checkout their program… then I remember going to iQ on a Saturday morning and being completely taken my the WOD of that morning.

To my surprise Yosgely and Victoria were there, Q was really busy with the class, so Yo came and talked to me… I told her that I had watched her video and that she had inspired me to come and try…but deep inside I was terrified to even try… Yo was wonderful, she explained to me how things were, she grabbed her phone and showed me pictures of her before and now…then she assured me that I was going to be able to do all the crazy things that I was watching people doing that morning… When Q came over to talk to me he heard what I had to say and just said one thing: Give me 4 months of your life… I was completely sold by then.

My first night I was greeted by Nicole, who is the sweetest person I have ever met. She made me feel welcome and right at home. The WOD was incredibly hard and that night I was formally introduced to “burpees”…OMG the first time I tried to do it, I was still heavy and with a big belly so it hurt so bad… and the up and down made me dizzy to a point that I had to hold onto the walls so I wouldn’t pass out… (I really hated these “burpees”)but I made it through the first WOD…

One would think that I would never come back there… and here I was thinking: “OMG I love this! I want to come back tomorrow!!!”

And I have been coming back for the last 4 months…there is no explanation for what I feel other than a healthy obsession …
At CrossFit iQ I was introduce to a community of athletes, a community of people who really care.

With them I learned about the Paleo Diet and I started to follow that too…
With them I push myself at every WOD, being able to do things that I never thought possible…

Q is an amazing coach, he helps you to think about the form and understand it, not only memorize the names…
Vince has an amazing way to connect with us, even when he really doesn’t know you yet…
Ian is awesome, so focused and clear, helping us to really understand the form…
Nicole is amazing with her patience and the way she encourages us to go forward and to believe in ourselves…

Well I’m 65Ibs lighter at this moment and looking for maybe 20Ibs more to go… I no longer take blood pressure meds and my cholesterol went down substantially…I love coming here, I get mad at myself when I can’t come for any reason… and when I travel for work which is quite often, I check the website for the workout of the day and this way I stay connected and fit while I’m away…

CrossFit changed my life, it changed the way I see fitness, CrossFit iQ is becoming my second home and I just loooove it!

By the way, I can do lots of “burpees” now; but I still hate them…LOL

Wayne Lewis

Jeanna LeClaire

I’d like to thank Nicole and Q so much for everything in the past year! Crossfit has really changed our lives for the better! I thought I would share my story…

On first glance, I may not seem like a Crossfit success story. In fact, my story is not one of transformation as much as it is conformation. To be honest, I am the heaviest weight I have ever been to date, which I am proud of.

I grew up defining myself as an athlete. My parents have always been supportive of my athletic endeavors and as an only child, I often think of myself as the son my dad never had. My dad was a big part of my childhood supporting me and coaching me while participating in basketball, softball, and most passionately in running.

I ran cross country, indoor and outdoor track during my high school years. My passion for sports and fitness helped me choose an undergraduate degree in Athletic Training and then complete my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. However, in my second year of PT school, I was faced with a major setback as an athlete. I was faced with the fact that I had to undergo open heart surgery to correct a heart defect I was born, which had never challenged me in the past.

Faced with the alternative outcomes, I knew I had no choice. In Dec. of 2009, during my winter break from physical therapy school, I underwent the scariest thing I have had to face to date. I knew that was not going to stop me. Less than 3 weeks after surgery, I battled my school to return to class and was back in the gym before my sternal precautions were cleared.

My first day back on the treadmill was eye opening. I realized how hard it would be to get back to my preoperative status. I remember signing up for my first 5K just 9 months after surgery. While I was very thankful to be participating, and was happy to finish the race, the extra minutes added to my previous PR were extremely frustrating. I knew I shouldn’t be disappointed and continued to train with running. I also started strength training/weight lifting for the first time in determination to get back to my previous abilities. I struggled with high heart rates, frustrations and overcautious health care professionals constantly advising me of precautionary limitations.

Test after test showed my heart was functioning fine but no one could explain my >200bpm heart rate status for what I used to think was an “easy 3 mile run.” Feeling like I had lost what had defined me as a person and as an athlete, I knew I needed to try something else. I had a few friends who loved this crazy workout program called Crossfit.

After more research, I discovered a lot of the workouts, while demanding as heck, are performed for time. I thought, “Ok, I can rest when I need to get my heartrate under control as needed.” Why not? My boyfriend, Chris, was also dealing with a knee injury that was affecting his marathon training, and agreed it may be the perfect alternative. We decided to give it a try and at that time I was less than 2 years post op.

I remember our first foundations class with Nicole was 10 minutes of “Cindy.” I wish I could explain in words how much Cindy kicked our asses that day!!!! But we were hooked… We signed up with a membership that day, and within a month, canceled out of the “average gym” membership. My only set back at that time was my restrictions of “not lifting more than 50% my body weight.” I thought, how will I ever be good at this?? Never the less, I listened to my body and did not feel limited.

I went in for my next annual cardiac check up and left with flying colors. After admitting I had been lifting, the cardiologist gave me the ok to continue with what I was doing because my testing came back with athletic showing.

I cannot explain how much Crossfit has changed my life. I have successfully completed a year at Crossfit iQ, with a heart stronger than ever. We have even completed our first competition with plans to continue competing. I can’t thank Crossfit IQ, Q himself and Nicole for helping us find this new passion. Strong is truly the new beautiful and I can’t see myself anywhere else than in the box that I consider the highlight of my day, everyday! Crossfit does a body and heart GOOD! No matter what your athletic abilities are to date, Crossfit will help you achieve goals you never thought possible! The Crossfit family at iQ is truly amazing!


Alana Weinstein

As an adolescent I was ALWAYS involved with some form of team sport. Somewhere along my journey from high school to adulthood I made a wrong turn and my once active lifestyle became sedentary. I could be compared to the obesity epidemic, steadily growing. In my mind I was still an athlete, but in reality that was not the case. I joined gyms, had trainers, lost weight, lost trainers, left gyms, and gained weight (I am sure those of you that are struggling with weight loss can connect).

There was a lot of talk about CrossFit in the months leading up to my teaming up with iQ, but how could I join CrossFit? I am so out of shape! So my plan, like many of you, will be: get into shape and then join CrossFit. Well, if it were that easy to just “get into shape” then I wouldn’t have been in this situation to start with!

It all started like this:

One Saturday morning my husband (who was obviously tired of hearing me complain) came to me with a phone number to iQ and said, “Here, call them.” So I did. I called and left a message. A couple of minutes later I got a call back from Nicole. Next thing I knew I was getting dressed and running out the door to go to my free CrossFit trial workout. It was quiet when I got there, a guy cleaning (who I later learned was Nicole’s dad), and this skinny little girl (who I now know as Red). Red took me under her wing (even though I am about a foot taller than her) and showed me how to stretch and warm up so I wasn’t standing around like a lost soul.

Nicole came in shortly after and told me how she never checks her e-mails before coming in on Saturday, but she was glad she did. I was obviously confused because I didn’t send her an e-mail…..yup, you got it! My husband, upon exiting the bedroom took that task on himself. A little shocked to hear, but it didn’t matter, I was finally at the gym (which I eventually learned is really called a “box”… and I continue to learn more CrossFit lingo every day).

I don’t remember the first workout very well, I just remember that I didn’t finish. I wasn’t upset that I didn’t finish, it actually made me more determined. And just like that, my first goal was set = “Finish a workout”. I looked on at the regular class and watched them cheering for the people who were still fighting through the workout. They were a team, and I wanted in!

I came back on Tuesday and became an official member of CrossFit iQ. I stayed with Nicole in the Foundations class for a little over a month before graduating to the regular class. At first I was upset that I was only able to come 3x/week, but I quickly got over it and saw that together Nicole and Q were really looking out for the best interest of their members and making sure we all knew the movements before being thrown to the wolves (I mean this in the nicest of ways). Not to mention, Q is one intimidating dude (in the beginning at least), so I was more than cool sticking with Nicole a little while longer.

I worked hard to learn the movements as my addiction to CrossFit became more intense. The only way to get more CrossFit was to graduate into the regular class. Once in the regular class I started working out 5x/week. It was amazing. I was now part of the team! Even though I still finish many of the workouts last… I am faster and stronger than I was the day before. I saw a shirt that said “CrossFit, the only sport where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish.” That’s the truth! Do you know there are even people who will motivate you by doing the final parts of the workout with you, even when they have already completed their own workout?!?! The people, the team, the iQ family is so amazing. I could never ask for a better box.

The girl who couldn’t finish a workout is now running over a mile, lifting more than just a 10lb bar (way more), and accomplishing many goals she had set out to reach – finishing her workouts, reaching pre-baby weight, and reaching pre – wedding weight.

As an educator and lifelong learner, I try to surround myself with intelligent people. Q is smart and direct with his programming and training style. You know the saying, “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime”? Q is that teacher. He provides you not only with the workout, but is so explicit in his teaching that you have no choice but to absorb the many years of knowledge that he shares.

Five months later I am still in the same gym, with the same trainers, and down 50 lbs. Q and Nicole make themselves available for their members all the time. During a 90 Day Paleo Challenge hosted by iQ, the number of texts I sent more than doubled from previous months. Nicole was and continues to be such a huge support as I get back on the right path and continue my fitness journey.

Oh yeah….did I mention my husband also hopped on the bandwagon? Together, we are making sure that our daughter has positive role models and will lead an active lifestyle as she grows up in today’s society.

I am so thankful and grateful for everything Nicole, Q, and the whole iQ team has done for my family.

Yosgely and Victoria

Lillian Szpindor

Viana Mollinedo

I was not a fitness lover, I don’t even like the gym, and I hated running. I have never had a gym membership, when my friends asked me to go running I joked that my boobs were too big for running and that the only running I wanted to do was on horseback.

Despite all that I was lucky to have stayed in “OK” shape throughout high school, I played whatever sport was in season, but I was still always the chunky girl. Fast forward 10 plus years and now chunky had become uncomfortably fat, having slowly gained 60 lbs. How does that happen? I still had a fairly active life having horses and riding regularly… apparently not enough. Still the fact that my clothes were uncomfortable didn’t really bother me, the fact that shopping for clothes had become a nightmare, and nothing seemed to fit right…ehh, whatever. I decided it was time to change when I acquired a difficult horse, and my weight made me feel completely insecure on the saddle. There was just so much of me and I felt jiggly, and out of breath constantly. I knew if I didn’t do something I would end up falling and getting badly injured (again). Didn’t help that I wasn’t getting any younger.

Then I got a groupon to try Crossfit and fell in love. Crossfit wasn’t anything like a normal gym. I was instantly challenged with things that seemed impossible (and at that time even squatting seemed impossible) yet everybody was doing them.

Crossfit and paleo changed my life, I feel better than ever, its not about the weight (although that helps) its about achieving goals. Its about feeling good every day of your life.

Thank you Nicole, and Q

Viana Mollinedo

Caitlin Covello

At 26 years old and, unfortunately for me in the worst shape of my life, I needed to take control of my body and lifestyle. After seeing my cousin drop over 100 lbs. with the help of Crossfit and a Paleo lifestyle, I finally wanted and had the motivation to take control of me. I thought “if he could do it, I could do it”. I did my research on Crossfit and came across Crossfit IQ.  Just their website alone made me feel comfortable – “Leave your ego at the door”. I arrived to the box (the gym) a little before 7 pm and watched the 6 pm class finishing their WOD (Workout Of Day). I thought to myself “oh dear what did I just walk into – these people are beasts!” As terrified as I was, I stayed. Coach Q walked me through the movements of the WOD and made me feel comfortable with what I was about to do.  3-2-1 GO! Wall ball shots, sit ups, American kettle bell swing, island runs. I honestly thought I was going to get sick afterwards and I couldn’t walk for days, but it was also the most amazing feeling. Pain is good! I got addicted!  I was WODing it up Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and Sat. I have met so many amazing men and women I now call friends, and I now feel like a part of the IQ family.  We all support and motivate each other to push through and finish. Each week I could tell I was getting stronger and stronger. If for some reason I could not make it to the Box, I felt like my body would go into shock and have withdrawals.

Then came my next challenge, the 30-Day Paleo Challenge. Sitting at Whole Foods listening to Nicole teach us how to eat Paleo, I thought about all the amazing food I could have instead of thinking of all the things I couldn’t have. One of the things Nicole said that stuck in my head to help me complete this challenge was, “If you can’t give something up for 30 days, it’s just sad!”  She was right!

I had the range of problems: acne, over-weight, headaches, stomach aches, fatigue, easily irritated….shall I go on? I had started the Paleo journey, suffered through the first week of cravings and detoxing and from then on it just got better and better.  The recipes were delicious and easy. The way I was feeling throughout the day was pure bliss! I was cutting minutes and seconds off my time to complete each WOD.  Everything about this “challenge”/ lifestyle was positive! The only thing I can say is THANK YOU!! I feel like a kid again! NO more fatigue, acne, headaches, stomach aches, etc. They are ALL GONE!

Crossfit IQ holds a special place in my heart. I can actually work, WOD, and finish my day with energy to spare. Everyone in the IQ family is an inspiration! Oh, and the best part….I have lost 9 pounds, taken 4 inches off my waist, inches off my neck, chest, arms, and body fat % has gone down and it will only get better!!!! I can call myself a cross fitter and have adopted the Paleo lifestyle!

Danny and Christina Martinez

It’s February 2011, Danny (my husband) and I are sitting at home watching TV and surfing the internet. This was kind of our “norm”. I don’t know why it is once you are married for a while, you become complacent and “let yourself go”.  Danny will tell you that is was all my fault, I cooked too many good meals throughout the years.  I on the other hand will say “life got in the way”.  Working full-time, raising children, taking care of a husband/3rd child, and maintaining a home is no easy task. In reality all are really poor excuses.

As I surfed the internet I came across a special rate for one month at CrossFit iQ. I told Danny we should try it.  We both figured what did we have to lose (ummm..besides weight, lack of self confidence,  etc.).  We thought we would do it for a month and probably go back to our “norm”.  Boy were we wrong!

Our mistake was watching the videos online of what CrossFit iQ was all about.  I thought to myself, this program was boot camp on crack, to say the least. We remember our first day coming to class.  I will admit (Danny is too manly to admit) it was scary.  The WOD was KB SDHP, ring rows, burpees, and singles.  And to whoever is reading this and have never done CrossFit, yes that is the same feeling we had. It was like we stepped into another planet except for this planet was full of lean and strong people. The first day was very overwhelming but we got through it.  The next day we were sore and beat up but guess what…we came back for more.

Now almost 8 months later, I still get butterflies before I come in.  We are absolutely ADDICTED to CrossFit and what it does for us.  No more “yo-yo” diets either.  With the help of Nicole, Danny and I have embraced the Paleo lifestyle with open arms.

With the help of CrossFit iQ and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (yes, I said tears) Danny and I have managed to lose over 160 pounds.  I also have been released from taking blood pressure medication that I was dependent on for the last 5 years.  We are two different people discovering new things about each other daily.  Our life has been transformed completely and we have never felt better. Our daughters are also reeking the benefits of their new and improved mom and dad.

Our journey with our CrossFit family is just beginning.  We cannot wait to see how much more we can push ourselves mentally and physically.  Thank you CrossFit iQ for helping us find the life we should have had a long time ago.

Lillian Szpindor

Crossfit changed my life!    I am one of the happiest people to ever walk through the Crossfit iQ door.

At 44 years old, and probably in the worst shape of my life, I made a promise to myself back in December.  My promise was to get healthy and get in shape for the new year.  In January, not only did I start to diet and eat very well, but I joined Crossfit iQ.  After that initial “shock” on day one, and for several days to follow thinking I can’t do this “Crossfit stuff”, this is out of my league, I kept trying, I continued.   I am glad I did, because after a few weeks, I saw such changes happening to my body.  I actually found myself “addicted” to Crossfit!  Who would have ever thought!   Week after week, the more my body changed and the more weight I lost, the more motivated I was.

Back when I started Crossfit iQ, listening to Q tell us week after week,” if you have a gym membership, just cancel it…. you won’t need it”.  I thought, “yeah, right, ok pal!”  Well, a couple months later, I made a stop in to LA Fitness and I cancelled my membership!   If the gym hasn’t helped me in all these years, why was I wasting my money there?   Thanks Q!

The gym was always the same thing, day after day, with no motivation, no support system, no excitement.  At Crossfit iQ, it is something different every day and you never know what the WOD is until that day.  I am doing things here I would never be doing at the gym on my own.  Crossfit iQ has helped make a change in my life and this is where I need to be.  Crossfit is working, and something I am excited about doing every day.

By July, I not only hit my goal by losing weight, but I passed it!  I have lost 45 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 2.  Ummmm, Q, now I need some money for new clothes!

Before joining Crossfit iQ, I was never a runner.  I never liked to run.  Since joining Crossfit iQ this year, I participated in my first half marathon finishing 13.1 miles and walking away with my medal.  That was a huge accomplishment for me.

My sister and I have been coming to CrossfitIQ together since January, but within the past few months, my husband, my daughter, my son, and my brother have joined us.  We look forward to our Crossfit iQ workouts and getting in shape together.

Thank you… Thank you so much to my sister, Nikki, for bringing me to Crossfit iQ in January to “give it a try” and forcing me to come back that second time!  If it weren’t for you, I would never be writing this testimonial right now.  Also, a HUGE thank you to Q and Nicole for working so closely with me during my first few months, for guiding me and teaching me so much, and for making Crossfit iQ such a great place to be.  Finally, thanks to all the Crossfit iQ family.  You are a lot of the reason why I enjoy coming every day!  You ALL are such great people, have always been very supportive, and of course a whole lot of fun!  You are like family.

Mark Bullock

O.K.  I get out of the shower. It’s January 1st, 2011. Look in the mirror and say out loud , “That ain’t right!”. Where  did this whole soft, middle aged beer gut guy come from that’s standing in my bathroom? Who switched all my 30″ waist jeans to 34’s? Where are my medium T-shirts? When did I forget how to tuck in a shirt? What the hell is going on around here?Somethings gota give.Nothing to do with any new years resolutions or challenge diets, I’ve got to get in shape.I’m 49 years old, 5’9″, 186lbs and get winded carrying the groceries up the stairs.

When I get to work and go through my e-mails I see a Living Social offer for a months membership to CrossFit iQ for peanuts. I didn’t have a clue what CrossFit was but what the hell, if I go three times and hate it I still got my moneys’ worth. Sign me up.

January 3rd and I show up at the “gym” ready to go. After a brief interview to determine my state of athletic prowess (like they can’t tell by looking at the soft white underbelly) away we go for my 1st (modified) “workout”. F—stockings!! This s–t ain’t right!! Not only do I have to pull off the turnpike half way home cause I can’t drive safely, but I go home and fall asleep on the couch. 1st time I’ve taken a nap since kindergarten! My wife wants to give me NyQuil because she’s convinced I’m sick and I take it cause I could really use the drink. After a brief conversation with Nichole it is decided that I should jump back on the bull and take another ass whopin’.

By week two I’m carrying the groceries up the stairs while holding a normal conversation. Not toting a keg of Budweiser, yet.
By month three, I feel like a different guy. Ten pounds gone in 12 weeks. Tightening my belt and tucking in my shirts. I can’t wait for 5:00 so I can work out. Not really missing pasta as bad as I thought I would.either.

By month five I’m down 20 pounds and three pant sizes. Time to go cloths shopping. And the arm fairy visited in the middle of the night, cause whats hanging off my shoulders isn’t anything I’ve ever owned before.

It’s now month nine and another pant size down. I went to the cardiologist and was informed that I no longer needed Benicar (blood pressure med.), Triplex (triglisiride med) or Crestor (cholesterol med)! I still need the Wellbutrin, cause you can’t fix crazy! That’s $100.00 worth of co-pay gone every month. 26 pounds of fat that I don’t have to circulate my blood through is gone and never coming back.

CrossFit WORKS, period!

Nikki Lofredo

Where do I begin?

I started CrossFit IQ January 10th, 2011 with very much trepidation. I didn’t know what was in store for me since the only things I had ever been told about CrossFit were – it’s insanely hard and if you weren’t a bodybuilder (or at least looked like one), you just may go home in a body bag.  So I reserved myself to that thought, and decided I wasn’t going to be the only one to endure this misery; I dragged my sister along with me.  J

I have had some experience working out and being fit, but nothing more than hitting the gym, running when I could find the time, and working out with a trainer for the few times I could afford it.  I am/was, in no means, a bodybuilder. Nor do I look like one.  Same goes with my sister.
So, on Monday night at 6pm, we show up and are greeted by the nicest person with the hugest smile you will ever meet, Nicole.  She welcomed us like we were part of her family and then sat us down on the rowers and said; “Row!”  Little did I know at that time how imperative that word “Row” was.  After we rowed, Nicole graciously eased us into our warm-up and that is when we were introduced to our fearless leader and mentor, Q!  I immediately thought…hmm, this guy must be something, he’s got a one consonant name! That’s better than a one-word name in my book.  That was cool.

The wod seemed like an easy one.  But yet, they all do, don’t they? Until you are mid-wod and getting your ass kicked.  Then you quickly realize, damn he did it again!  The wod that evening was 25 Wall Ball Squats, 10 Push-Ups, and a Bldg Run. How hard could that be?  Oh wait, 4 rounds for time? We managed it..barely. I knew I was coming back.  I wanted to be tortured again. As for my sister, she did not share the same feelings.  I pleaded with her and begged her to come back…One more time I said. She hesitantly gave in. I mean, she’s my sister and you do that for family.  The next night I still couldn’t sell her on it.  That weekend, she told the family how she was too old to do CrossFit and her body wasn’t meant to do all these things.  I had pretty much given up on her becoming a dedicated CrossFitter.  Yet, she seemed to stick with it.  And each and every day at 6pm, we showed up to endure whatever Q was going to throw our way.  She didn’t give up and we slowly began to see our transformation.

I could not believe what was happening!  I was hooked!  I was becoming an addict and I LIKED it! I was starting to see the skinny Nikki that has been hiding for the past few years. That mushy tushy was starting to disappear, the love handles (aka spare tire) were losing the love, and I was on my way to feeling fitter and thinner!  Before CrossFit, I had seriously given up hope and resided to the fact that it was either in my genes to be “mushy” and “thick”,  or came with the territory of being in my 30’s and it was only bound to get worse.

I couldn’t miss more than a day without needing my “fix”.  Every morning became less of “I don’t want to get out of bed” to racing to see what the wod would be.   The soreness that you experience after each wod is a reminder of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.  Each and every day I am excited to step into the box to see what limits I can push myself to, what new exercise I can master, and what my mentor, Q has laid out for me in his master plan.

To sum it all up, after 3 ½ months working out at CrossFit IQ, I have lost one whole pant- size. I am a much happier person who is in a much better place.  I exude more confidence than I have ever in my entire life.  Mentally and physically, I feel great and owe it all to Q.  I have him to thank for continually striving to bring the best out of me and making me give my all each and every time I am in the box.  He will never know how much he truly has changed me and the way I go about my life.  Love ya, Q!

As for my sister, she has lost 30 lbs and looks damn good, I must say!  We have recruited her husband, son, and our brother – and have made them all dedicated CrossFitters.  I can’t tell enough people about CrossFit IQ and how their lives will be changed significantly, and how they will instantly be hooked and have the opportunity to meet great people who support and force you every day to be your best!  And that is priceless! J

I am a CrossFit IQ addict and I like it. No, I love it.


I would like to give a special thanks to Nicole, Q, EA, Ian, Justin, Dad, and the rest of my CrossFit IQ friends.  You have become like an extended part of my family.  I respect your guidance and knowledge and have loved becoming friends with each and every one of you.  I believe all of you have something to give individually and collectively.  I can attest these feelings are the same as my sisters.  Thank you and much love to all of you!

Additionally, a note to Jose – I just recently had the opportunity to meet you.  It was an honor to meet someone who is so dedicated to changing his ways and making himself a better person for himself and his family.  You are an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work.

Christina Martinez

Crossfit IQ gave me back the fire and drive I lost some time ago…

I was a 31 year old woman, mother of two beautiful girls, dedicated wife, and hard-working employee. This woman woke up one day and did not recognize who she was and how she got there. Did I forget to mention she was once a midnight working, fast food eating cop!  Sure, I worked out, only to stuff my face with a Big Mac, large coffee, and whatever was lurking in the vending machines at 3 a.m. The words LACK of Energy were an understatement.  Needless to say, my heart goes out to all the shift working fools trying to find a healthy meal after midnight.

A change needed to be made; and so it was…

Only a short 2 months ago I was that woman.  My first Crossfit IQ class made me so nervous, I felt like a kid again with the butterflies and all.  After my first class ended and feeling I would never walk normal again, I just knew I was hooked! Now, I am a 31 year young woman full of life ready to be the great mother, wife, and employee she always had inside. I have found the very strong, persistent (which can also be misconstrued as stubborn), and ready to take on anything person I once knew very well, thanks to Crossfit IQ.  Our lifestyle has changed not only from doing exercise but the way we eat (GO PALEO – It’s so easy a caveman/woman can do it!).  You didn’t think I was going in this alone did you?!  My husband, Danny and my very fit girls are along for the ride too.  Danny has made excellent strides as well.  I am proud of them but mostly myself.

My fitness story always had a beginning and an ending. Crossfit is helping me write my never ending story. The plot is full of burpees, pull ups, and dead lifts (or at least the attempt of them).  Q, Nicole, Eric and the rest of my fellow Crossfitters, I am excited to have you all as main characters in my life. 15 pounds down and many more to go!…..

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