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Fri. 2/28/14

Open wod 14.1
No DU Substitutions


10 min Alternate Wod
30 DU attempts
15 Burpees
30 Singles
15 Sit ups
Indicate A Wod by name. This a non scored wod.

Th. 2/27/14

Strict SP 5×5

Death By Bear
EMOM 7min
1 Cycle of The Bear Complex
Add an additional cycle each min.

For prescription you must complete all of the cycles required, within the 1min time frame, for each round @ (135/103)

Wed. 2/26/14

1min DU
1min Singles
:30sec DU
:30sec Singles

Thrusters (115/88)
Even Round 3 T2B
Odd Round 3 Chins

Tues. 2/25/14

DB Row 4×8

5 Rounds
20 WBS (20/14)
15 Sumo Deadlifts (135/103)
10 STO (135/103)
5 Dips (20#Chain/BW)
3 Burpee over Bar

Mon. 2/24/14

Juggling Hearts

Sat. 2/22/14

BB Squat
Butterfly Sit Up
DB Row
I-Run after odd # rounds

Fri. 2/21/14

100 DU (sub. 200 singles)
Cleary Run
1000m Row
15 Ring Rows
10 Dips
5 Burpee MU (sub. 5 x 1 Burpee + 2 C2B pull ups)

75 DU (sub. 175 singles)
70th Run
750m Row
15 Ring Rows
10 Dips
5 Burpee MU

50 DU (sub. 150 single)
300m Run
500m Row
15 Rows
10 Dips

25 DU (sub. 125 singles)
I – Run
250m Row
15 Rows
10 Dips

Cap Wod at 10min to the hour.

Th. 2/20/14

Broke Down Bear on The Run
2 I-Runs
10 Power Clean
10 Front Squat
10 STO
10 Back Squat
2 I-Runs
2 I-Runs
2 I-Runs
2 I-Runs

Rx (135/103)
Sx (115/88)

Wed. 2/19/14

8min. Tabata Style (alt. Between exercises)

Work Out Instructions:
DL 20sec on 10sec off
Burp. 20sec on 10sec off
One min. down
7min. to go
Each min is a round, 8 rounds total.
Goal is 10 reps of each Exercise Per round.
(185/143) (155/118) (135/103) previous Rx wts. Used for this effort.


Cleary Run for Time


10min. EMOM
10 Air Squats
10 R-KBS (32/24)

Tues. 2/18/14

Fragmented Fran
70th Run
7 Thrusters (115/88) (100/78)
7 Pull Ups (20#/BW)
7 Thrusters
7 Pull Ups
7 Thrusters
7 Pull Ups
400m Run (300+I-Run)
5 Thrusters
5 Pull Ups
5 Thrusters
5 Pull Ups
5 Thrusters
5 Pull Ups
300m Run
3 Thrusters
3 Pull Ups
3 Thrusters
3 Pull Ups
3 Thrusters
3 Pull Ups

Buy Out:
5 Pull Ups (20#/BW)
10 Pledge Push Ups
15 GTO (115/88) (100/78)

Mon. 2/17/14

4 rounds
15 WBS (20/14)
10 KB Snatch – Any Way – (24/20)
5 Burpee Box Jump Over and back (30/24)
10 KB Snatch
15 WBS
25 DU sub:4 Burpee 25 Singles 4 Burpee

KB Snatch is total number
(not per side)
Box Jump: perform a Burpee then jump over box then jump back over to starting side = 1rep
(You don’t do a Burpee before you jump back)

Sat. 2/15/14

25 Burpees
5 Cleans – Any Way –

20 Burpees
10 Cleans

15 Burpees
15 Cleans
I -Run

10 Burpees
20 Cleans

5 Burpees
25 Cleans


Fri. 2/14/14

5 Rounds
20 R-KBS (32/24)
15 KB SDHP “…..”
10 Pledge Push Ups
5 C2B Pull Ups (20#/BW)
300m Run (out 3 In 2)

Th. 2/13/14

15min Skills Work:
MU – Wall Walks – Pistols

BB Upright Row 4×12

12min EMOM
2 Strict Thrusters
2 Power Snatch
2 Hang Squat Clean & Jerk

Rx (135/103)
Sx (115/88)

Claudia Fehribach

There is so much to say about Crossfit; but for me one sentence says at all: Crossfit changed my life!
Last year I reached my heaviest at 206Ibs… I’m only 5’3″ , so right there you can see that the picture was not pretty!
I never liked the gym; I don’t know how much money I paid to LA Fitness over the years without being able to consistently show up… and I still remember the uncomfortable atmosphere; people watching; and of course the exercises were so boring…
My cholesterol went through the roof and my doctor said that I had to start taking blood pressure medicine…
When you need a change,there is a moment when you are able to click the switch on in your mind; and I was finally able to do that…

First of all i had to change the way I ate, portions, learn about proteins and carbs etc…
Then I started walking around the lake on my home, one lap, two, three… then I started to run… the pounds started to drop… but something was missing… I tried to go to the gym, kick box, Zumba, spin classes… it was not it…

One day someone at work mentioned CrossFit, and talked about it like he was talking about a really special thing… Curious I went home and googled it… it was love at first sight!!! I had no idea how I would do any of those things, but I knew I had to try it.
I spent a month looking up all the CrossFits in my area… watching people’s transformation video and thinking: ” Can I do that?”

I remember watching the transformation video’s from CrossFit iQ’s website and being amazed by people’s testimony, but one in particular caught my attention; Yosgely and Victoria… I remember going to a few places to checkout their program… then I remember going to iQ on a Saturday morning and being completely taken my the WOD of that morning.

To my surprise Yosgely and Victoria were there, Q was really busy with the class, so Yo came and talked to me… I told her that I had watched her video and that she had inspired me to come and try…but deep inside I was terrified to even try… Yo was wonderful, she explained to me how things were, she grabbed her phone and showed me pictures of her before and now…then she assured me that I was going to be able to do all the crazy things that I was watching people doing that morning… When Q came over to talk to me he heard what I had to say and just said one thing: Give me 4 months of your life… I was completely sold by then.

My first night I was greeted by Nicole, who is the sweetest person I have ever met. She made me feel welcome and right at home. The WOD was incredibly hard and that night I was formally introduced to “burpees”…OMG the first time I tried to do it, I was still heavy and with a big belly so it hurt so bad… and the up and down made me dizzy to a point that I had to hold onto the walls so I wouldn’t pass out… (I really hated these “burpees”)but I made it through the first WOD…

One would think that I would never come back there… and here I was thinking: “OMG I love this! I want to come back tomorrow!!!”

And I have been coming back for the last 4 months…there is no explanation for what I feel other than a healthy obsession …
At CrossFit iQ I was introduce to a community of athletes, a community of people who really care.

With them I learned about the Paleo Diet and I started to follow that too…
With them I push myself at every WOD, being able to do things that I never thought possible…

Q is an amazing coach, he helps you to think about the form and understand it, not only memorize the names…
Vince has an amazing way to connect with us, even when he really doesn’t know you yet…
Ian is awesome, so focused and clear, helping us to really understand the form…
Nicole is amazing with her patience and the way she encourages us to go forward and to believe in ourselves…

Well I’m 65Ibs lighter at this moment and looking for maybe 20Ibs more to go… I no longer take blood pressure meds and my cholesterol went down substantially…I love coming here, I get mad at myself when I can’t come for any reason… and when I travel for work which is quite often, I check the website for the workout of the day and this way I stay connected and fit while I’m away…

CrossFit changed my life, it changed the way I see fitness, CrossFit iQ is becoming my second home and I just loooove it!

By the way, I can do lots of “burpees” now; but I still hate them…LOL

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