Alana Weinstein

Alana Weinstein

As an adolescent I was ALWAYS involved with some form of team sport. Somewhere along my journey from high school to adulthood I made a wrong turn and my once active lifestyle became sedentary. I could be compared to the obesity epidemic, steadily growing. In my mind I was still an athlete, but in reality that was not the case. I joined gyms, had trainers, lost weight, lost trainers, left gyms, and gained weight (I am sure those of you that are struggling with weight loss can connect).

There was a lot of talk about CrossFit in the months leading up to my teaming up with iQ, but how could I join CrossFit? I am so out of shape! So my plan, like many of you, will be: get into shape and then join CrossFit. Well, if it were that easy to just “get into shape” then I wouldn’t have been in this situation to start with!

It all started like this:

One Saturday morning my husband (who was obviously tired of hearing me complain) came to me with a phone number to iQ and said, “Here, call them.” So I did. I called and left a message. A couple of minutes later I got a call back from Nicole. Next thing I knew I was getting dressed and running out the door to go to my free CrossFit trial workout. It was quiet when I got there, a guy cleaning (who I later learned was Nicole’s dad), and this skinny little girl (who I now know as Red). Red took me under her wing (even though I am about a foot taller than her) and showed me how to stretch and warm up so I wasn’t standing around like a lost soul.

Nicole came in shortly after and told me how she never checks her e-mails before coming in on Saturday, but she was glad she did. I was obviously confused because I didn’t send her an e-mail…..yup, you got it! My husband, upon exiting the bedroom took that task on himself. A little shocked to hear, but it didn’t matter, I was finally at the gym (which I eventually learned is really called a “box”… and I continue to learn more CrossFit lingo every day).

I don’t remember the first workout very well, I just remember that I didn’t finish. I wasn’t upset that I didn’t finish, it actually made me more determined. And just like that, my first goal was set = “Finish a workout”. I looked on at the regular class and watched them cheering for the people who were still fighting through the workout. They were a team, and I wanted in!

I came back on Tuesday and became an official member of CrossFit iQ. I stayed with Nicole in the Foundations class for a little over a month before graduating to the regular class. At first I was upset that I was only able to come 3x/week, but I quickly got over it and saw that together Nicole and Q were really looking out for the best interest of their members and making sure we all knew the movements before being thrown to the wolves (I mean this in the nicest of ways). Not to mention, Q is one intimidating dude (in the beginning at least), so I was more than cool sticking with Nicole a little while longer.

I worked hard to learn the movements as my addiction to CrossFit became more intense. The only way to get more CrossFit was to graduate into the regular class. Once in the regular class I started working out 5x/week. It was amazing. I was now part of the team! Even though I still finish many of the workouts last… I am faster and stronger than I was the day before. I saw a shirt that said “CrossFit, the only sport where the loudest cheers are for the last to finish.” That’s the truth! Do you know there are even people who will motivate you by doing the final parts of the workout with you, even when they have already completed their own workout?!?! The people, the team, the iQ family is so amazing. I could never ask for a better box.

The girl who couldn’t finish a workout is now running over a mile, lifting more than just a 10lb bar (way more), and accomplishing many goals she had set out to reach – finishing her workouts, reaching pre-baby weight, and reaching pre – wedding weight.

As an educator and lifelong learner, I try to surround myself with intelligent people. Q is smart and direct with his programming and training style. You know the saying, “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime”? Q is that teacher. He provides you not only with the workout, but is so explicit in his teaching that you have no choice but to absorb the many years of knowledge that he shares.

Five months later I am still in the same gym, with the same trainers, and down 50 lbs. Q and Nicole make themselves available for their members all the time. During a 90 Day Paleo Challenge hosted by iQ, the number of texts I sent more than doubled from previous months. Nicole was and continues to be such a huge support as I get back on the right path and continue my fitness journey.

Oh yeah….did I mention my husband also hopped on the bandwagon? Together, we are making sure that our daughter has positive role models and will lead an active lifestyle as she grows up in today’s society.

I am so thankful and grateful for everything Nicole, Q, and the whole iQ team has done for my family.