Danny and Christina Martinez

Danny and Christina Martinez

It’s February 2011, Danny (my husband) and I are sitting at home watching TV and surfing the internet. This was kind of our “norm”. I don’t know why it is once you are married for a while, you become complacent and “let yourself go”.  Danny will tell you that is was all my fault, I cooked too many good meals throughout the years.  I on the other hand will say “life got in the way”.  Working full-time, raising children, taking care of a husband/3rd child, and maintaining a home is no easy task. In reality all are really poor excuses.

As I surfed the internet I came across a special rate for one month at CrossFit iQ. I told Danny we should try it.  We both figured what did we have to lose (ummm..besides weight, lack of self confidence,  etc.).  We thought we would do it for a month and probably go back to our “norm”.  Boy were we wrong!

Our mistake was watching the videos online of what CrossFit iQ was all about.  I thought to myself, this program was boot camp on crack, to say the least. We remember our first day coming to class.  I will admit (Danny is too manly to admit) it was scary.  The WOD was KB SDHP, ring rows, burpees, and singles.  And to whoever is reading this and have never done CrossFit, yes that is the same feeling we had. It was like we stepped into another planet except for this planet was full of lean and strong people. The first day was very overwhelming but we got through it.  The next day we were sore and beat up but guess what…we came back for more.

Now almost 8 months later, I still get butterflies before I come in.  We are absolutely ADDICTED to CrossFit and what it does for us.  No more “yo-yo” diets either.  With the help of Nicole, Danny and I have embraced the Paleo lifestyle with open arms.

With the help of CrossFit iQ and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears (yes, I said tears) Danny and I have managed to lose over 160 pounds.  I also have been released from taking blood pressure medication that I was dependent on for the last 5 years.  We are two different people discovering new things about each other daily.  Our life has been transformed completely and we have never felt better. Our daughters are also reeking the benefits of their new and improved mom and dad.

Our journey with our CrossFit family is just beginning.  We cannot wait to see how much more we can push ourselves mentally and physically.  Thank you CrossFit iQ for helping us find the life we should have had a long time ago.