Lillian Szpindor

Lillian Szpindor

Crossfit changed my life!    I am one of the happiest people to ever walk through the Crossfit iQ door.

At 44 years old, and probably in the worst shape of my life, I made a promise to myself back in December.  My promise was to get healthy and get in shape for the new year.  In January, not only did I start to diet and eat very well, but I joined Crossfit iQ.  After that initial “shock” on day one, and for several days to follow thinking I can’t do this “Crossfit stuff”, this is out of my league, I kept trying, I continued.   I am glad I did, because after a few weeks, I saw such changes happening to my body.  I actually found myself “addicted” to Crossfit!  Who would have ever thought!   Week after week, the more my body changed and the more weight I lost, the more motivated I was.

Back when I started Crossfit iQ, listening to Q tell us week after week,” if you have a gym membership, just cancel it…. you won’t need it”.  I thought, “yeah, right, ok pal!”  Well, a couple months later, I made a stop in to LA Fitness and I cancelled my membership!   If the gym hasn’t helped me in all these years, why was I wasting my money there?   Thanks Q!

The gym was always the same thing, day after day, with no motivation, no support system, no excitement.  At Crossfit iQ, it is something different every day and you never know what the WOD is until that day.  I am doing things here I would never be doing at the gym on my own.  Crossfit iQ has helped make a change in my life and this is where I need to be.  Crossfit is working, and something I am excited about doing every day.

By July, I not only hit my goal by losing weight, but I passed it!  I have lost 45 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 2.  Ummmm, Q, now I need some money for new clothes!

Before joining Crossfit iQ, I was never a runner.  I never liked to run.  Since joining Crossfit iQ this year, I participated in my first half marathon finishing 13.1 miles and walking away with my medal.  That was a huge accomplishment for me.

My sister and I have been coming to CrossfitIQ together since January, but within the past few months, my husband, my daughter, my son, and my brother have joined us.  We look forward to our Crossfit iQ workouts and getting in shape together.

Thank you… Thank you so much to my sister, Nikki, for bringing me to Crossfit iQ in January to “give it a try” and forcing me to come back that second time!  If it weren’t for you, I would never be writing this testimonial right now.  Also, a HUGE thank you to Q and Nicole for working so closely with me during my first few months, for guiding me and teaching me so much, and for making Crossfit iQ such a great place to be.  Finally, thanks to all the Crossfit iQ family.  You are a lot of the reason why I enjoy coming every day!  You ALL are such great people, have always been very supportive, and of course a whole lot of fun!  You are like family.