Trent VanHaitsma

Trent VanHaitsma

I always thought I knew what fitness was, and how to get myself into shape.  I’ve been an athlete my whole life, playing on nationally ranked youth soccer teams and a nationally renowned collegiate team.  I have raced in multiple 5k’s, 10k’s, as well as half-marathons, so I depicted myself as an elite athlete.  However, after six months of crossfit I couldn’t have been farther from the truth….actually it only took one day.

When I first heard about crossfit I thought it was an aerobics class where people gathered to some isolated location to workout, like the kid in the gym who works out in the corner.  Being a fitness enthusiast, as well as being bored of my same old same old routine, I figured I had nothing to lose and decided to give it a shot.

I will always remember the first time I stepped foot into the box, a.k.a the gym.  There were three people doing power cleans, push ups, and air squats for 3 minutes and resting for 1 minute, for a total of  5 rounds recording their total number of reps (I later found out this WOD was called “The Chief”).  Still not intimidated by the sweat, grunts, and cries from the members working out, I figured it couldn’t be as hard as anything I have done; after all I’ve been through 3-a-day soccer practices in summer heat.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I was on my back after only 3 rounds, and struggling to complete the last two rounds.  My world had been rocked….choked, slapped, and body slammed all after 1 workout!!!

The next day I had felt pain in every part of my body, pain I hadn’t felt since the first time I lifted….and I loved it.  I knew right then and there that this wasn’t your average aerobics class.  No, this was something that only a crazed maniac with no regard for their body would try, and I was hooked.

I have been crossfiting now for six months and don’t see myself ever stopping.  In my brief time of crossfiting I have set PR’s in every physical category, I have more energy, lower stress levels, and have transformed my body into what was once a figment of my imagination.  My friends thought I had a problem, because the first thing I talked about when I saw them was the WOD I did that day.  However, when I Googled their nearest gym and signed them up for a free trial, they too fell victim to the crossfit addiction after only one workout.