Nikki Lofredo

Nikki Lofredo

Where do I begin?

I started CrossFit IQ January 10th, 2011 with very much trepidation. I didn’t know what was in store for me since the only things I had ever been told about CrossFit were – it’s insanely hard and if you weren’t a bodybuilder (or at least looked like one), you just may go home in a body bag.  So I reserved myself to that thought, and decided I wasn’t going to be the only one to endure this misery; I dragged my sister along with me.  J

I have had some experience working out and being fit, but nothing more than hitting the gym, running when I could find the time, and working out with a trainer for the few times I could afford it.  I am/was, in no means, a bodybuilder. Nor do I look like one.  Same goes with my sister.
So, on Monday night at 6pm, we show up and are greeted by the nicest person with the hugest smile you will ever meet, Nicole.  She welcomed us like we were part of her family and then sat us down on the rowers and said; “Row!”  Little did I know at that time how imperative that word “Row” was.  After we rowed, Nicole graciously eased us into our warm-up and that is when we were introduced to our fearless leader and mentor, Q!  I immediately thought…hmm, this guy must be something, he’s got a one consonant name! That’s better than a one-word name in my book.  That was cool.

The wod seemed like an easy one.  But yet, they all do, don’t they? Until you are mid-wod and getting your ass kicked.  Then you quickly realize, damn he did it again!  The wod that evening was 25 Wall Ball Squats, 10 Push-Ups, and a Bldg Run. How hard could that be?  Oh wait, 4 rounds for time? We managed it..barely. I knew I was coming back.  I wanted to be tortured again. As for my sister, she did not share the same feelings.  I pleaded with her and begged her to come back…One more time I said. She hesitantly gave in. I mean, she’s my sister and you do that for family.  The next night I still couldn’t sell her on it.  That weekend, she told the family how she was too old to do CrossFit and her body wasn’t meant to do all these things.  I had pretty much given up on her becoming a dedicated CrossFitter.  Yet, she seemed to stick with it.  And each and every day at 6pm, we showed up to endure whatever Q was going to throw our way.  She didn’t give up and we slowly began to see our transformation.

I could not believe what was happening!  I was hooked!  I was becoming an addict and I LIKED it! I was starting to see the skinny Nikki that has been hiding for the past few years. That mushy tushy was starting to disappear, the love handles (aka spare tire) were losing the love, and I was on my way to feeling fitter and thinner!  Before CrossFit, I had seriously given up hope and resided to the fact that it was either in my genes to be “mushy” and “thick”,  or came with the territory of being in my 30’s and it was only bound to get worse.

I couldn’t miss more than a day without needing my “fix”.  Every morning became less of “I don’t want to get out of bed” to racing to see what the wod would be.   The soreness that you experience after each wod is a reminder of how far you have come and how far you still have to go.  Each and every day I am excited to step into the box to see what limits I can push myself to, what new exercise I can master, and what my mentor, Q has laid out for me in his master plan.

To sum it all up, after 3 ½ months working out at CrossFit IQ, I have lost one whole pant- size. I am a much happier person who is in a much better place.  I exude more confidence than I have ever in my entire life.  Mentally and physically, I feel great and owe it all to Q.  I have him to thank for continually striving to bring the best out of me and making me give my all each and every time I am in the box.  He will never know how much he truly has changed me and the way I go about my life.  Love ya, Q!

As for my sister, she has lost 30 lbs and looks damn good, I must say!  We have recruited her husband, son, and our brother – and have made them all dedicated CrossFitters.  I can’t tell enough people about CrossFit IQ and how their lives will be changed significantly, and how they will instantly be hooked and have the opportunity to meet great people who support and force you every day to be your best!  And that is priceless! J

I am a CrossFit IQ addict and I like it. No, I love it.


I would like to give a special thanks to Nicole, Q, EA, Ian, Justin, Dad, and the rest of my CrossFit IQ friends.  You have become like an extended part of my family.  I respect your guidance and knowledge and have loved becoming friends with each and every one of you.  I believe all of you have something to give individually and collectively.  I can attest these feelings are the same as my sisters.  Thank you and much love to all of you!

Additionally, a note to Jose – I just recently had the opportunity to meet you.  It was an honor to meet someone who is so dedicated to changing his ways and making himself a better person for himself and his family.  You are an inspiration! Keep up the awesome work.