Julie Lyons

Julie Lyons

What’s CrossFit iQ? It’s more than an industrial building with a Big Ass Fan and some weights, bars and ropes. It’s a place where I once stalked out to my car, unspeaking, ready to burst into tears after a tough workout that left me feeling like a failure. It’s also the same place from which I’ve practically skipped to my car, beaming and proud about getting RX.

CrossFit is intense. The workouts challenge you daily. What made the difference between those two trips out to my car? The first experience happened near the beginning of my time at iQ. The trainer, Q, text me that night: “Don’t ever leave feeling that way. Talk to me. Let me give you some perspective.”

I let him in that day, and I’ve had a new perspective ever since. Q doesn’t let his ego get in the way of coaching, and he certainly doesn’t let mine. In fact, egos don’t count for much at iQ. The members support one another to no end, even when that means having their own time or weight beaten. An individual accomplishment provides a proud moment, but it’s truly something when shared by a community.

We’ve injured our eardrums shouting words of encouragement (Eric!), slowed our pace to run alongside another while sweating on the way back from Clearly and posted hundreds of excited comments about others’ PRs online. We’ve felt the disappointment of a missed goal, and not just our own.

So, yeah, CrossFit is intense. It’s also fun, inspiring and something I can’t live without. Coincidentally, that’s also how I feel about iQ.