Christina Martinez

Christina Martinez

Crossfit IQ gave me back the fire and drive I lost some time ago…

I was a 31 year old woman, mother of two beautiful girls, dedicated wife, and hard-working employee. This woman woke up one day and did not recognize who she was and how she got there. Did I forget to mention she was once a midnight working, fast food eating cop!  Sure, I worked out, only to stuff my face with a Big Mac, large coffee, and whatever was lurking in the vending machines at 3 a.m. The words LACK of Energy were an understatement.  Needless to say, my heart goes out to all the shift working fools trying to find a healthy meal after midnight.

A change needed to be made; and so it was…

Only a short 2 months ago I was that woman.  My first Crossfit IQ class made me so nervous, I felt like a kid again with the butterflies and all.  After my first class ended and feeling I would never walk normal again, I just knew I was hooked! Now, I am a 31 year young woman full of life ready to be the great mother, wife, and employee she always had inside. I have found the very strong, persistent (which can also be misconstrued as stubborn), and ready to take on anything person I once knew very well, thanks to Crossfit IQ.  Our lifestyle has changed not only from doing exercise but the way we eat (GO PALEO – It’s so easy a caveman/woman can do it!).  You didn’t think I was going in this alone did you?!  My husband, Danny and my very fit girls are along for the ride too.  Danny has made excellent strides as well.  I am proud of them but mostly myself.

My fitness story always had a beginning and an ending. Crossfit is helping me write my never ending story. The plot is full of burpees, pull ups, and dead lifts (or at least the attempt of them).  Q, Nicole, Eric and the rest of my fellow Crossfitters, I am excited to have you all as main characters in my life. 15 pounds down and many more to go!…..