3/12/11 Sat

3/12/11 Sat


68 Burpees Today. Yeaaaah Burpeeeeeeezzzz!

Obstacle Course
70th Run
100m Tire Pull
200m Run
4 Bench Hop

10-15or20 AKBS – Diff Wt Are Assigned Diff Reps

Box Jump Toll Bridge
10 Burpee Toll to enter
Box Jump Bridge
10 Burpee Toll to exit
-Should You Detour A Box You Must Pay A 5 Burpee Box Jump Toll-
5 Dips

10 Slam Balls
– ea wt is assigned a rep count –
10 Wall Ball Shots
– ea wt is assigned a rep count –

5-8 or 10 DB HPSnatch based on DB Wt
Progressive Shuttle Run
3 or 5 Man Makers based on DB Wt
200m Row

How Many Circuits Of The Obstacle Course Can You Complete

  1. wayne

    that’s nuts…. but awesomeness to those that did it.

  2. Trent

    How do you think of this?!?! Great WOD…but lets not do it again for a while 🙂